Is Queensland Aerial licensed and insured?

Yes, Queensland Aerial and all its staff are licensed by the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority, we are fully insured for public liability and can provide documentation when requested.

Are you able to fly anywhere?

Laws and regulations apply on where UAVs can be flown in Australia to avoid conflict with other aircraft and operations, however, Queensland Aerial hold exemptions, and are able to apply for permits if your project is in a restricted area.

When can I expect my production or images?

This all depends on the scope and size of your project. Raw content is normally distributed within 7 days of task completion, however post production may take longer.

What safety procedures do you employ?

We are bound by company Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and CASA to ensure extensive risk mitigation takes place before and job commences. JSAs, briefings, and experienced pilots will ensure that every job is flown with safety at the top of the priority list. 

Does your company hold OHS inductions (white cards)?

Yes, our pilots hold OHS inductions, White (or Blue) Cards. 

Can we watch? 

Depending on the task, you may be able to view the operation from a distance. In fact, if required, you (or your subject matter experts) can view a live video feed from our UAVs along with all telemetry to ensure faster and more reliable data is captured.