Real Estate 

Whether you're selling a property, advertising a rental or simply want artistic aerial photography of your land, we offer a range of packages from a handful of photos to complete cinematic video reels.

Our highly skilled post-production team will ensure that your property stands out in the market with additional options such as voice over, music or special effects to suit your needs.

Estate Development

Aerial imaging has always been a popular tool for development projects, but not until now has it been easily justified in a commercial budget. Our team can capture your development from multiple angles, at multiple stages of the project. We specialise in high definition mapping, precise land measurement and geo-referenced photography to assist the development planning before the project even begins.


Small or large, we can capture your event from a unique perspective. Aerial imagery is perfect way to showcase events, as often ground based footage cannot portray the full scale of the turn out. Use our footage to promote future events, acquire sponsorship and funding or gain governing body approvals.

Industrial & Asset Inspection

Scaffolding, elevated work platforms and rope access all pose obvious catastrophic risks that require time consuming mitigation before the task even begins. With the use of UAVs, your company will not only eliminate risk to personnel but save time and money by reducing costly JSA development.

Experienced in hazardous areas, oil and gas, open cut coal and mineral refinery, our team understands the importance of production and above all else, safety. We are able to produce high quality data quickly and efficiently with minimal process interruption. 

On site, we can provide client live-viewing screens, allowing your subject matter experts to work along side our experienced pilots for additional efficiency and data acquisition assurance.